Unite And Resist Convention At Kolkata

“We won’t let the communal fascist RSS destroy West Bengal and India” - that was the spirit of thousands of people who gathered to fill the Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata on 30 July 2019, at the ‘Unite and Resist’ Convention. The convention had been organised to mark 50 years of the CPIML, and the birth centenary of CPIML founding General Secretary Charu Mazumdar.

All India Strike on September 10 Reflects People’s Anger Against Modi Government

All India Strike The all India strike called by Left parties on September 10 met a huge response from the masses reflecting their resentment against Modi government’s policies, cronyism and economic burdens being mounted on the people. The all India strike call coincided with the bandh call by the Congress party and other opposition parties. People all over the country came to the streets and voiced a big no to policies of escalating prices of petro-products, rising unemployment, land acquisitions, corporate plunder of banks, and demonetisation, and the RSS-BJP attempts of spreading venom of hatred to communalise and divide Indian society. The strike gave a message that days of Modi regime are numbered. The huge success of this all India strike call reflects people’s mood and anger against Modi Rule and is going to be the beginning of the countdown for the end of an atrocious, corrupt and fascist regime.

CPI(ML) 10th Congress

THE CPI(ML)’s 10th All India Party Congress was held at Baba Bujha Singh Nagar (Mansa) in Punjab, from 23 to 28 March 2018. On March 28, the 10th Party Congress elected a new 77-member Central Committee, which in turn re-elected Dipankar Bhattacharya as General Secretary. A 7-member Central Control Commission was also elected, which in turn elected Brij Bihari Pandey as its Chairperson.